How To Join Th3|Playhouse and/or eXite gaming



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    How To Join Th3|Playhouse and/or eXite gaming

    Post  Admin on Wed Jan 19, 2011 11:56 am

    [center]New Recruit Process

    We'd like to welcome all possible new recruits to our organization. We value our members as well as our organization. We are only looking for enthusiastic individuals who enjoy playing CZ, CS1.6, CS:S, etc.
    In order for one you to join our fine establishment, we require that you fill out an application presented by us @ Th3|Playhouse and one of our sponsors EmailMeForm.com.
    We ask that you fill out our application with honesty and updated information. *Remember* All applicants who fail to upload a fully completed application will end up with they're application null and void.(Meaning Deleted)

    Staff Members will be solely responsible for making sure that applications are current and up to date and information is filled out correctly, or you are to delete the posted application regardless of how new it maybe. Thank You~


    Thank you for playing.
    Join us @

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