Moar Practice?


    should there be more practice dates?

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    Moar Practice? Empty Moar Practice?

    Post  Lawaffles on Wed Mar 30, 2011 2:35 pm

    hello, this is Shingo. I was wondering if we should hold more practices, especially for people attending Competitions. work on old strats or develop new one. i used to make and calls strats back in TL/CTS and some of them worked well. i might revise them and hand them to s!c and see what he thinks and i will try to give suggestions for competitions. even though i have not signed up for competitions i would like to still be part of the team. remember, S!c's dream is fully develop and master Synergy. what's synergy? Synergy is the communication and actions of a group of people that work as ONE. remember we are a TEAM we need to work together so we can be known and we can progress as a clan and as a community. if we wanna turn heads and get people to join or purchase servers, we need to put ourselves out there. kinda like being a hoe but professionally :D. all im saying is that i would like to have more practices and better communications within the clan and that i hope that we can blossom and proliferate. thank you

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